Festive food and drink at work – What’s planned?

So today is  the last work day for us here before Christmas. I know that’s not true for all of you but I can only write with the perspective of us office types!

To mark the occasion we are having food and drinks while we enjoy the annual custom of ‘Secret Santa’. This is a chance to raise a smile by exchanging gifts with each other and perhaps raise a few more while trying to guess who bought what for whom! The specifics were all determined weeks before through a secret draw of names from a tub. This was followed by complete secrecy of purchase and wrapping, then camouflaging of handwriting on tags and finally furtive placement of parcels in the designated Santa sack.

Not only are we wondering what we will all get and who has been the most thoughtful, funny or clever? But, given we work on the best trade show to source excellent food and drink in the region, what victuals and morsels will there be on offer?

We only have to look through our exhibitors for 2012 to get suitable inspiration :-


Celtic Marches Beverages

Burts Chips

Burts Chips



Now all we need is for one o’clock to hurry up and arrive!

I hope you all have similar festivities planned and that good food and drink are plentiful. There’s plenty of time for resolutions in January! Enjoy!!

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