A sample of Source

There will be around 200 companies exhibiting at Source in a few weeks time, and it only takes five of them to give you a perfect example of the wide range of food on offer!

Avlaki is a tiny, but high quality, artisanal operation, based on the Greek island of Lesvos.  Their golden organic olive oils have the finest ‘gourmet’ quality, with a light texture and sensational taste and are best used as ‘finishing’ oils – to be drizzled over vegetables after steaming, on soups, with a touch of lemon on salads…or just served with bread for dunking.  You can use them for cooking but we think that would be a shame – given the taste!  You can see their fresh new season oils, picked & pressed in December 2012 & bottled immediately, on Stand C6.

The Cornish Crisp Company
Crisps made with ‘taters’ grown in Cornwall!  That way they have less miles to travel and local farmers have the benefit of a guaranteed market for their lovely crops.  The best crisps have been researched thoroughly and are made in small batches using 100% fresh sunflower oil which is exactly what they do. Most crisps on the market are made with potatoes grown especially for crisp making because of their ease of use.  However many are hard and have very little potato flavour.  The hand-cooked Cornish Crisp is proudly and deliciously different.  Even better – each flavour supports a different Cornish charity. (Stand G1).

Hillside Speciality Foods
The story of Hillside Speciality Foods began when Devon Chef Jay Allan created a range of fruit pastes for a local cheese supplier who was looking for a local fruit complement to serve with their award winning cheeses. Drawing on his fifteen years of experience as a chef, and with reference to the long tradition of British fruit cheese making, Jay developed a range of fruit pastes to meet this need. He teamed up with his brother Will and Hillside Speciality Foods was created.  Their range of high quality handmade foods for the cheeseboard now includes relishes, pickles and chutneys and savoury biscuits, many of which have won awards. (Stand D1).

Stevenson Newlyn
W. Stevenson & Sons Ltd, based in Newlyn, have been catching Newlyn’s finest fish for over 100 years, so they know a thing or two about fish! With the largest privately owned fleet in Britain, they catch, land and sell the finest fresh fish from Newlyn harbour in the far southwest of Cornwall.   Having their own fleet of boats allows them to have control over the entire process, from catching the fish, washing, icing and storage to final sale. With careful handling throughout the entire process, they can ensure you get the highest quality fish on your plate every time. (Stand A1).

Truly Treats
Based in Teignmouth, Truly Treats produce handmade cakes, cupcakes and delicious sweet treats, locally sourcing ingredients where possible. They are committed to making good quality, affordable cakes the old fashioned way, from scratch, and pride themselves on giving their customers a top quality, friendly and efficient service. (Stand E21).

Now that your mouth is watering, why not see who else is going to be there and plan your visit? Who are you looking forward to seeing?

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