We’re going on a picnic!

It looks like we’re finally having a summer of sorts!  With a sunny weekend ahead looming, we’re all looking forward to getting out of the office and enjoying the outdoors.  Some people might take this opportunity to have a bbq, but we’re thinking a picnic would be a nice idea – much less effort!  If that appeals to you too, then why not get some inspiration from some of the exhibitors at next year’s Source show?

How about some of W C Rowe’s‘ award winning pasties, alongside the really good sausage rolls from Little Jack Horners, pork pies from Chunk of Devon, some mixed charcuterie from Good Game, a range of dips and dunks from Rod and Ben’s, and cheese from Norsworthy Dairy Goats, with accompanying biscuits and chutneys from Hillside Speciality Foods. Not bad for starters, right?

Why not wash it down with award winning artisan cider from Harry’s Cider Co, a pint of Devonshire Pale Ale from the Black Tor Brewery, or a cold glass of English chardonnay from the Lyme Bay Winery? If you fancy something softer, or are looking for something for the kids, you could try a Sicilian Lemonade from Luscombe Drinks, or an single variety apple juice from Bradley’s Juice. Being the UK, the chances are it won’t be as warm as you’d like and a cup of Westcountry Tea or Voyager Coffee might be more appropriate!

However full you are, there always seems to be room for dessert doesn’t there? Then let’s round it all off with a mango sorbet from Salcombe Dairy, a strawberries & cream ice-cream from Styles Farmhouse Icecream, a handmade cupcake from Truly Treats or some fairtrade Devon Cottage Organic Fudge.  That should do nicely 🙂

Bet your mouth is watering now!  If you’d like to see all these exhibitors, and many more, in February next year – why not register for your free badge now?

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