Wake up and smell the coffee!

If you like coffee as much as we do, you’ll understand why we’re both proud and excited that this year Expowest Westcountry is hosting the first of the four Regional Heats for the 2013 UK Barista Championships.

Run by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe UK Chapter (SCAE UK) the competition aims to find a highly skilled and technical barista to represent the UK in the World Barista Championship.  During the heats contestants will be required to make four espressos, four cappuccinos and four espresso-based non-alcoholic signature drinks.  These drinks are marked by two technical and four sensory judges who will assess the knowledge of the entrants as well as their attention to detail and creativity of their signature drink.  The championships aim to raise standards throughout the industry, to help baristas hone their techniques and to encourage training and development within their establishments.  The top scoring barista in the UKBC finals will be crowned UK Barista Champion 2013 and will go then on to compete in the World Barista Championship, which take place in Melbourne, Australia in May.

The SCAE UK Championships are the only competitions recognised by the industry, and the only ones that offer the chance of becoming the next World Champion, so hosting one of the four regional heats is quite an honour.  We can’t wait! 😀


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