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Spot On Supplies

Stand C50
Chunk of Devon Ltd

Stand E66
Papillon Dartmoor Distillery Ltd

Stand NC4
Newton House Gin

Stand C64
Penny Lane Foods Ltd

Stand C11

Stand D44
Bradley's Juice Ltd

Stand B11
Charles Steevenson Wines Ltd

Stand D38
Caterer & Licensee News

Stand A13
Business Savings Experts

Stand F41
Coffeeman Devon

Stand D43
H S French Flint Ltd

Stand G43
Truly Treats

Stand G29
BCG Cash Registers/EPOS

Stand C2
QCR Recycling Equipment

Stand A23
Dunstaple Farm Ltd

Stand E43
Salcombe Dairy (UK) Ltd

Stand G66
Regency Wines Ltd

Stand E51
Little Jack Horners

Stand B1
Owens Coffee

Stand C18
English Spirits

Stand D66
Savona Foodservice South West

Stand C27
Clipper Teas Limited

Stand E42
T Quality Ltd

Stand B4

Stand D41
Bristol Labels Ltd

Stand G50
The Dorset Ginger Company

Stand E42
Filbert's Fine Foods

Stand D24
Contract Furniture Group

Stand A18
Isca Foods Ltd

Stand G31
Fenton Farm Eggs

Stand G26
Coffeeworks Ltd

Stand D4
Dorset Blue Cheese Co

Stand E42
Janes Beverages Foodservice Ltd

Stand F55
Styles Farmhouse Ice Cream Ltd

Stand D3
Prestige Packaging

Stand C44
Wild Flour Cake Company Ltd

Stand H33
Bright Solicitors

Stand H27
S J B Foods

Stand D67
Beco Energy

Stand H51
Hotch Potch Gluten Free Savouries

Stand E42
Valley Pest Control

Stand D50
The Fresh Coffee Company

Stand E39

Stand D36
Taste of the West Ltd

Stand H23
Rational UK Ltd

Stand B51
Ian Macleod Distillers

Stand A27
Grownup Marshmallows

Stand F26
Qtos Catering Equipment

Stand C33
Dorset Sea Salt Co

Stand E42
Purple Planet Supplies

Stand G32
W B W Solicitors

Stand F37
The Wobbly Cottage

Stand E42
Le Gruyere

Stand C48
Accounting & General

Stand G44
Shire Foods of Norfolk

Stand A3
Chesil Smokery

Stand H39
Westcountry Fruit Sales Ltd

Stand B23
Franklin & Sons Tonic

Stand A30
Kernel Cobs

Stand NC5
Boddington's Berries

Stand A1
Halewood Wines & Spirits

Stand A25
R D Johns Foodservice Ltd

Stand B3
Vale Labels

Stand F43
Dorset Food & Drink

Stand E42
Southwestern Distillery Ltd

Stand A39
D H Twitchen

Stand C26
Barton Reed & Co Ltd

Stand C61/62
J & R Food Service Ltd

Stand B50/C51
Rod and Ben's Ltd

Stand D51

Stand C9
Arthur David, Food with Service Ltd

Stand D27
Queenswood Natural Foods Ltd

Stand C4
Exeter College

Stand E1
LWC South West

Stand A34/B37
Link Print & Packaging Ltd

Stand C30
Free to Book

Stand C36a

Stand C24
Otter Brewery

Stand B38
VKF Renzel (UK) Ltd

Stand B8
Bell and Loxton

Stand G27
Antonelli Brothers

Stand B2
Electrotec Solutions Ltd

Stand D10
Baboo Gelato

Stand D53
SNP Food Machinery Ltd

Stand A51
Voyager Coffee

Stand E23
South West Labels

Stand D56

Stand B15
Salcombe Distilling Co.

Stand B29
Barber's Farmhouse Cheesemakers

Stand E65
Langage Farm Dairy LLP

Stand E3
IDS Catering Equipment Engineers

Stand B6
Cotton Frog

Stand G28
Hunt's Foodservice Ltd

Stand D23
James White Drinks

Stand B30A
Food Drink Devon

Stand E21
A growing and active membership network of quality food producers, retailers and hospitality businesses offering quality food and drink produced, sold and served in Devon. Promoted under the Food Drink Devon brand – look out for the green heart logo and pocket guide.
Inkreadible Label Company

Stand F32

Stand NC3
The Unusual Meat & Pork Pie Co

Stand NC1
Naval Services

Stand G68
Jazzpower Limited

Stand D65
Tors Vodka

Stand A24
Hogs Bottom Preserves

Stand D17
Cave Direct Ltd

Stand B64
Abbotts (S.W.) Ltd

Stand B24/C23
Atlas Packaging Ltd

Stand E13
Devon Distillery

Stand F40
Liberty Loves

Stand E37a
Taste of the West Insurance Services

Stand H26
Total Safety Training

Stand C60
Fowey Valley Cider

Stand A26
Olives Et Al Ltd

Stand E42
Miko Coffee SW

Stand B44/C43
British Institute of Innkeeping

Stand B59
Moo Free Chocolates

Stand C63
Devon-based manufacturer of premium 'milk' chocolate alternatives and dark chocolates. All products are free from dairy, gluten and soya, and certified vegan. Produces its own lines, as well as chocolate couverture for bakeries and other manufacturers.
Denhay Farms Ltd

Stand F47
Producers of multi award winning premium dry cured bacon - now delivered direct to your kitchen
Dartmouth Distillery Co Ltd

Stand F49

Stand D34
Crafti's Ltd

Stand F28
PSP Group

Stand E36
Fentimans Ltd

Stand B41
Rotowash Ltd

Stand G41
Cornish Orchards

Stand B42
Our business is all about respect and balance. We create our award winning, premium ciders and juices, using traditional craft practices, produced to modern, exacting standards.
Treleavens Luxury Ice Cream

Stand C39
We produce luxury, high quality, artisan ice cream and sorbet. Handmade in Cornwall, we use milk from Cornish cows, Italian flavour bases and freshly-frozen fruits, plus as little air as possible to keep it dense and crowded with flavour.
Mercato Italiano Ltd

Stand E42
South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit (SWRCCU)

Stand E11
Part of the South West Police, SWRCCU offer free, impartial advice and guidance to organisations of any sector in the South West. Outlining simple, effective steps you can take to reduce the impact Cyber Crime can have on your organisation.
Foxcombe Bakehouse

Stand C42
Capricorn Contract Furnishings Ltd

Stand G40
Capricorn Furnishings stock and supply a large range of contract furniture suitable for cafes,bars,restaurants and pubs. we are able to offer a next day delivery service on thousands of products including tables , chairs , stools and lounge furniture