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Our Newcomers’ area is especially for new companies from the South West that have yet to exhibit at a trade show. We offer them special rates, or a leg up as it were, giving them the chance to promote their products to potential customers & retailers and discover new routes to market. One of the biggest challenges new companies have is actually getting their products to market and the Source also connects them with distributors, who in turn get the chance to add exiting new products to their ranges.

What’s that got to do with you?  Well it’s your opportunity to get your hands on the latest, tastiest, goodies before anyone else!  Here’s a little introduction to this year’s Newcomers…a taster to whet your appetite for more. Look out for this sign at the show, and unearth gourmet gems that your customers will love.

BAM Food
That is too much bacon”, said no one, ever. Bacon revolutionaries BAM are pioneering alternative meat bacons; hot-smoked pork bacon cured and flavoured with chilli, herbs or garlic, and adventurous traditional condiments enhanced with a chilli kick. Their unique hot-smoking process that gives their bacon a truly amazing flavour – you may never have unsmoked bacon again!  They are launching a new range of non-pork bacon at the show – hopefully beef, turkey, duck and possibly veal – and are in the final stages of product development for these. Exciting times! (Stand NC11).

Barnaby’s Brewhouse
Barnaby’s Brewhouse is located at Riverford’s Hole Farm in South Devon, at the heart of an organic farming eco-system, and they produce unique organic lagers that combine tradition with innovation. They aim to be a completely sustainable business using renewable energy sources and repurposing or reusing all waste products. They use organic malt and hops sourced in the UK, their water comes from a natural spring in the middle of Riverford Organic Far, and they are now certified organic by the Soil Association. They don’t use any animal products to fine the beers as they are conditioned over time and then cold filtered, so their lagers are suitable for vegetarians & vegans too! (Stand NC16).

Dartington Dairy
Based on the Dartington Estate in south Devon, Dartington Dairy use sustainable farming practices and innovation to produce their range of goats’ milk ice-creams. Their Dark Belgian Chocolate Goats Milk Ice Cream was recently awarded a Guild of Fine Food Gold star.  They have launched Kefir – a super tasty cultured goats’ milk drink with a long list of health benefits to match. This probiotic is a superb alternative to yogurt and has more probiotic strains. Good news for your gut, a route to a good immune system and a boost to start your day. (Stand NC1).

Dorset Spice Shed
Dorset Spice Shed love seasonings.  As the UK’s most innovative blenders of herbs and spices they go into work every day in Bridport and mix up all things subtle and nice to make your food and theirs taste better.  They started back in 2006 in the shed in the garden at home, and they’ve grown happily from there to the micro-business they are today.  Their recipes are precious to them and they use just as many ingredients as they need to without worrying about the cost. If an ingredient has a part to play then the show won’t go on without it! (Stand NC6).

Espensen Spirit
Espensen Spirit is a delicious range of naturally infused vodkas, gins and whiskies made by Sam Espensen and her ‘Team Spirit’ in Redfield in Bristol. They also have a bar & kitchen at 86 Whitehall Road. Their current range includes Gin Genie Blueberry Gin, Ruby Cuby Rhubarb & Custard Vodka and Pump Up The Jam Raspberry Gin. All their products use fresh fruit and contain no added preservatives or colourings. Sam has been making drinks for her friends and family for years, and in 2015 went into partnership with her friend Phil Gillies to turn her awesome homemade recipes into a one-of-a-kind business. (Stand NC5).

Exeter Gin
Discover Exeter Gin and Granny Garbutts Gin – sister brands, and both hand crafted small batch London Dry gins, produced in a traditional copper still. Exeter Gin is a robust yet smooth gin that celebrates Exeter’s Roman heritage and occupation by using ancient botanicals favoured by the Romans such as tarragon, basil, cardamom, cinnamon & marigold combined with 11 other botanicals. The result is an outstanding gin experience. Distilled using a ‘one shot’ method Granny Garbutts Gin is a refined gin that combines fourteen botanicals making it both elegant and well balanced. Some of the moorland botanicals are foraged locally including heather and gorse flower. A traditional gin made the old-fashioned way. (Stand NC10).

Healthy Recipes Ltd
MezzeSoul is a fresh pomegranate juice sauce brand from Healthy Recipes. This family business is bringing the heat, warmth and soul of the Mediterranean into the UK with their gorgeous Middle Eastern table sauces. These bejewelled bombs are a flavour sensation, lifting your cooking experience to a whole new level. They’re perfect for people who enjoy good food but don’t want to spend hours preparing. Pour onto your sandwiches, vegetables, pasta, potatoes, rice, chicken, meat and fish. (Stand NC15).

Holly Botanic
Holly Botanic is a range of natural, handmade products to help you be your best self. Every product is designed, made, blended and packaged on site in beautiful East Devon. The current range includes tisanes (infusions), balms and oils. Their products are currently sold locally in farm shops, cafes, garden shops and gift shops. Holly Botanic is a new and exciting adventure, and if you’d like to get involved, they’d love to hear from you. (Stand NC4).

Iford Cider
Iford Cider are a new breed of modern cider makers based on the historic Iford Estate, Bradford-on-Avon. Their delicious, award-winning, premium, craft ciders are made using wild yeast and ancient apples found in once-forgotten orchards on and around the estate. They never use pre-fermented concentrates or any mass-processed generic rubbish, and keep things as natural as possible with no artificial sweeteners, aromas or flavourings, to give you the true taste of nature. (Stand NC7).

JEAM Super Mixes
Discover a range of award-winning, nutrient rich organic bread mixes that are easy to make and pack a healthy punch.  JEAM are passionate about promoting organic, nutrient rich and delicious food based on sound nutrition. They are true artisans and take enormous pride in producing all their mixes in house, from start to finish. Their chosen ingredients are sourced extremely carefully and are all tested thoroughly in their recipes before committing to production. Even their packaging is produced only five miles away, and they are approved by The Soil Association. (Stand NC3).

Jurassic Coast Pastries
If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then Jurassic Coast Pastries are the company for you. These all butter pastry tarts and gluten free tarts are made totally by hand in Dorset, right on the Jurassic Coast. They have crumbly, tasty, melt in the mouth pastry – made from experience and with love! All their products are made to their own special recipes, in small batches to provide a consistent quality. Their range changes with the seasons but includes Double Lemon, Pecan & Maple, Raspberry & White Chocolate, Coconut & Raspberry, Eccles Cakes, and Apricot & Almond. Mouth-watering stuff! (Stand H33).

OlivanCosas Wholesale
OlivanCosas Wholesale find and import the best quality olives available. When they arrive in their kitchen in Bromham based in Wiltshire, they remove a huge amount of the salt content, which makes them even healthier. They have a very wide repertoire of dressings for their olives – many of them with a “Wiltshire twist” that you won’t get anywhere else! See them at the show for a mouth watering explosion of tastes. (Stand NC17).

New Kings Coffee
New Kings Coffee are dedicated to helping you explore a diverse range of high quality coffees from around the world; experiencing a variety of roasts, aromas and tastes. Their innovative coffee bags provide a single serving of each coffee, making these an ideal way to enjoy many different coffees in a convenient and cost effective way. All of their convenient and mess-free coffee bags are filled with 100% Arabica, Single Origin, Fairtrade and Organic coffee, ensuring they provide only the very best, whilst supporting the people and environments in their coffee growing regions.  Their coffee bags are made from Bioweb, which is a 100% biodegradable product and is completely taste neutral so all the taste in the cup comes from the coffee and nothing else. (Stand NC12).

Rugeronis Uk Ltd
With a core range of 4 products – two relishes and two salad dressings – made from old family recipes, Rugeronis are bringing some amazing flavours to the show.  Their relishes are rich with fresh flavours and go well with steaks, pork, chicken, burgers and more, as well as being good as a marinade for BBQs and grills, and as a base cooking sauce for pasta, pizza bases, or bolognese. Their salad dressings are the perfect mix of olive oil, balsamic vinegar & herbs, and are so packed full of flavours they make amazing dipping sauces. They have more fantastic products ready to be launched imminently – such as pasta sauces, marinades, BBQ sauces & rubs!  (Stand NC9).

Salty Dog Devon
This Devon based food company has a passion for fresh, quality ingredients. Their converted rice beaufort horsebox brings a healthy dose of #vitaminsea to landlocked celebrations, catering to both private & corporate requirements, and specialising in seafood. Their dishes are bought to life using fresh, local and sustainable produce. They have also developed their own tasty product range, from G&Tea bags to red snapper jerky, all of which pack a flavour punch from the South West. (Stand NC14).

The Leafy Tea Company
Leafy Tea is an artisan tea company set up in Bath by April Collins in 2016, when she was 16 years old and should have been studying for her GCSE’s! She’s on a mission to shake things up, create tasty, quality and delicious everyday teas & infusions. Leafy Tea now have a small select range of teas & infusions that cover most palates, all with health-giving benefits and all now packed into bio-degradable silky pyramid teabags and snazzy recyclable packaging. With morning teas, refreshing tea, infusions and matcha, there’s bound to be one that’s the proper cuppa for you. (Stand NC8).

Wild Flour Cake Co
Come and see the Wild Flour Cake Co for fresh traybakes, rounds, muffins and loaf cakes. They’re specialists in supplying cafes, restaurants and delis with the most delicious cakes. They have large gluten-free and vegan ranges, to cater for customers with special dietary requirements, and also a range of pre-cut cakes for convenience. They were winners of “Best Cakes” at the Bath Good Food Awards in both 2016 & 2017. (Stand NC2).

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