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BlendersStand D36
Blenders is a family owned manufacturer of sauces. Best known for our high-quality mayonnaises, our range also includes table, dipping, cooking & carvery sauces and gravies. Visit our stand D36 or visit our website at www.blenders.ie.

Chauhan ImpexStand H65

Chauhan Impex is a leading Importer and exporter of Wine and spirits items. And is promoted by a group of qualified and experienced professionals that have wide exposure to various traits. Over a period the company has built up a reputation providing prompt services and quality assurance.

Dartington DairyStand NC1
Artisan dairy producer on the Dartington Estate - sustainable farming practices and innovation. Dark Belgian Chocolate Goats Milk Ice Cream - Guild of Fine Food Gold star. Recently launched Goats Kefir has seen a rapid increase in popularity.

Good GameStand H31
Good Game is a small independent charcuterie company that specialises in game based nitrate free cured meats.

Great British BiscottiStand NC13
Offering a delicious range of innovative sweet biscotti, and also savoury biscotti, perfect addition to the cheese board, or as croutons or canapé bases. All available in retail packs, or for food service.

Koppert CressStand C7
KoppertCress is a producer of innovative, and food-safe living micro-vegetables, specialities and cresses. Our seedlings come from unique plants, each having their own specific effects on the senses either for flavour, fragrance, feel or just presentation! Architecture Aromatique.

Rugeronis UK LtdStand NC9
Rugeronis UK Ltd It's new, it'sdifferent, It's amazing - launching its 4 core range products - Two Relishes & Two Salad Dressings. With more fantastic products to be launched imminently please visit us on stand NC9 to excite your taste buds.

Tea Lovers CompanyStand F68
The TLC mission is to provide the best tasting teas with 100% of the profits going to educational charities. We source and specialise in rare high elevation teas from family-run tea gardens.

Total Produce DevonStand B3
@totaldevon @totalbristol
Delivering Fresh Fruit & Vegetables along with Dairy and Dry Goods across all of Devon 6 days a week using & supporting Local Growers as much as possible

WestcountryStand B23
Westcountry’s oldest and largest independent specialist wholesaler of fresh produce, dry stores and chilled dairy goods. Established in 1856, the business has a proud reputation for delivering excellence. We grow, source and curate a wide range of inspiring products.