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Bidvest FoodserviceStand E36
At Bidvest Foodservice we’ve got a fantastic range of food and drink, catering supplies, cleaning products and more, providing a one-stop shop for all of your catering needs.

Bini Fine Foods LtdStand F44
Six, Great Taste awards Gujarati Indian frozen ready meals cooked using traditional family recipes. Classic chicken, Moghul chicken (contains almonds & dairy), Lamb & Spinach, Gujarati Toor dal (Vegan), Matar Paneer & Potato and Coconut Curry (Vegan). 1-2 servings.

Chesil SmokeryStand H33
Dorset Traditionally smoked fish, meats and game.

Complete Meats LtdStand B6
Established in 1988, Complete Meats Limited is a family run business which has a strong reputation for excellent quality meat, supporting Westcountry farmers and to providing the catering industry with a bespoke butchery service and next day delivery.

Cornish Edible InsectsStand NC9
We produce high quality foodstuffs and cookery ingredients from both imported and locally-grown insects. High in protein, low in fat, eco-friendly, sustainable, deliciously different. Come along and try some!

Dartmoor Conservation MeatStand NC18
Eating Taffety pony meat sustains the wild pony herds of Dartmoor, roaming free, naturally, choosing what they eat and how they live. Taffety tastes similar to beef with a slightly sweet gamey flavour. Low in fat, high in protein, high in Omega-3 fatty acids and no drugs.

Eat the SmokeStand H54
Eat The Smoke are producers of premium line bbq sauces and rubs. 'BBQ Rub Nuts', hot smoked almonds and cashews coated in our signature rubs.

Good GameStand H55
Good Game is a small independent producer of fine Devon charcuterie and fresh meat produce. We use native Devon breeds and only wild shot game.

Isca Foods LtdStand G31
We are a Westcountry cheese wholesaler supplying English and continental cheeses. but specialising in the cheeses from our area. With a large range of cooked meats and charcuterie. We also pre-pack everything, especially for the retail trade.

Jon Thorner's LtdStand E26
We offer a fantastic solution to your catering and wholesale needs. We can supply a full range of fresh and frozen meat, locally sourced meat, our handmade range of pies, quiches and desserts, Somerset cheeses and our own sausages and burgers.
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